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We have 30 years of experience in manufacturing form metal

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Well-established company, reliable business partner

Techmark is a company with well-established market position and a leading manufacturer of metal furniture in Poland, which is also much valued by the foreign business partners. Our transparent and favourable business conditions allow us to develop individual and long-tern cooperation with our Customers, which is satisfactory for both parties. 

Apart from high rates given to our products, our Customers value our experience, professional customer service, as well as modern and bold solutions offered by our team. Satisfaction of our Customers is of priority to us and we make efforts to meet their strictest requirements. During each stage of contract performance we do our best to provide to our Customers assistance, which is as good as possible and to deliver them the highest quality products.

We do hope, that in your search for metal furniture you will use our 30 years of experience, as a result of which we do manufacture Polish metal furniture meeting the world-class standards.


 a new generation of cabinets with access control

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We focus on quality and innovation

We believe that constant development and searching for new solutions are the key to success. We guarantee the highest standards of goods and services. Our plants in Łódź and Aleksandrów Łódzki are covered by ISO 9001 production management systems.

We use machines from the world's leading manufacturers. We achieve the highest level of production thanks to continuous investments in our machine park, employee training and IT infrastructure. In our products we implement innovative solutions based on the use of RFID technology. Such methods allow us to create new types of furniture with improved properties.

Our offer

About us

At the beginning of its operation Techmark was a micro, private-owned company based purely on the work of its owners and their private savings invested in the company. From day one we were committed to create a reliable, Polish brand and to develop products of the quality similar to the one of foreign manufacturers. We have invested in modern machinery and focused on providing services at the highest level, all of which resulted in development of our company.

Today, after 30 years of operation we are proud, that we are one of the largest manufacturers of metal furniture in Poland, classified as a medium-sized company. Quality of our products is distinguished not only on the Polish market, therefore for many years we have been successful in winning a number of foreign markets and doing business with the Customers located worldwide.




























We are ahead of our competition

We follow global trends concerning the furniture industry and the implementation of new technologies tailored to the Industrial Revolution in accordance with the Industry 4.0 concept. As the first company in Poland (we have introduced and developed a new branch of metal furniture with RFID technology), we have introduced new-generation furniture to the Polish market - RFID cabinets registering events. It is a unique product on a global scale, which proves that our products outperform the competition.

Going global

We are prepared for further, even more intensive development and international expansion. We have appropriate production facilities and machine park as well as a team of qualified employees. We constantly increase our production capacity and optimize the degree of production concentration. Our primary goal is to gain and maintain a technological advantage over our competitors and to improve the quality of our products. Our business is based on building good relations with the client and establishing cooperation with national and foreign clients.

A wide range of products


We offer over 300 types of metal furniture that allow you to equip any space. Our products are supplied to offices, schools and other educational and teaching facilities, medical centers, agencies, museums, banks, hotels, stations, airports, restaurants, military units, penitentiary institutions, courts and other public utility buildings, as well as workshops , production and service halls, etc.

In addition to the wide range of ready-made models of metal furniture, we also accept orders for non-standard products, outside our regular offer, including subcontracting.


Cooperation and subcontracting

We contract and subcontract provision of services; we cooperate with a number of Polish and foreign companies. Techmark has established cooperation with other companies accepting orders for non-standard metal products, as well as with the companies which deliver metal elements or ready-made metal products to entities in all market sectors. We also offer services related with sheet metal processing.

Our business terms and conditions offered to our Customers has made us experts in long-term cooperation; still we are also happy to perform single orders.  Tell us what you need and we will prepare an offer for you.




Prototyping – we implement your ideas

We like new challenges, so in addition to selling products from our regular offer, we are happy to take on new challenges that our customers set before us.

We offer a service of constructing and designing a product, as well as the manufacture of prototypes of both simple and complex products. We specialize in prototyping and manufacturing cabinets with RFID technology, as well as multi-compartment parcel cabinets and deposit cabinets. Together with the client, we make sure that the final product meets their needs and highest expectations.

Each year, Techmark produces several dozen prototypes, on the basis of which we produce unique products for our customers.


We care about quality, 30 years of experience in this industry is a commitment

We are a family company, we care about each client, our brand and the quality of products and services we provide. We approach each order individually, expertly advising on the choice of the best solution, with which the client will be satisfied. For the needs of our clients, we apply additional certification procedures and modify the production process. We take care of the efficient execution of the order and timely delivery of the goods, as well as quick warranty and post-warranty service. We use our own means of transport and cooperate with experienced international carriers. We strive to constantly improve the quality of our products, as our customers expect it. We provide comprehensive services at the highest level to satisfy the most demanding customers.



We advise on purchases (according to the purposes for which the furniture will be used, what space is available, what budget can be allocated, etc.).

We are flexible

We accept orders with short and long deadlines, as well as atypical orders that require extensive knowledge and technological capabilities.

Innovation and investment

We invest in new technologies, modernize our machine park, and employ specialists to meet the high expectations of our clients.


Are you interested in selling our products to your customers? You need some furniture to equip your showroom? Contact us, negotiate the terms and conditions and become our distributor.

Products that we are especially proud of

TECHCODE RFID locker for dirty clothes (locker with a drop box)

TECHCODE RFID locker for clean clothes

TECHCODE RFID fool locker

TECHCODE RFID locker for dirty clothes (locker with a drop box)

TECHCODE RFID locker for clean clothes

TECHCODE RFID fool locker

TECHCODE RFID locker for dirty clothes (locker with a drop box)

TECHCODE RFID locker for clean clothes

TECHCODE RFID fool locker


TECHCODE RFID cabinet with registration of resources

TECHCODE RFID parcel cabinet