About us

Our mission is to provide functional solutions for the working, educational and relaxation facilities. For many years we have devoted our efforts to manufacture furniture, which is of high quality, which meets actual needs of the users, and which follows the latest trends and changing requirements of our customers.


Our business vision is to develop a modern company considered as a responsible business partner, reliable supplier, as well as fair contractor and employer.

Since 2001 our products have been exported not only to the European countries, but also outside Europe. Today export share reaches more than 30% of our sale and tends to continuously grow. Further expansion on the European markets is our main business aim.



















Techmark in numbers

  • Area of activity: manufacture of metal furniture

  • Start of business: 1990

  • Distribution: Europe, Asia

  • Export: min. 30% of production

  • Employment: approx. 150 people

  • Production plants: Łódź, Aleksandrów Łódzki

  • Total area of plots: 2.8 ha, building area: approx. 7,000 m2

  • Production capacity: 60,000 pieces of furniture / year

  • Types of furniture in constant sale: over 300 models

  • The amount of capital expenditure (from 2012 to 2017): PLN 18 million

  • The amount of funds obtained from EU subsidies (2012 to 2017): PLN 9 million

  • Planned budget for research and development for 2018-2019: nearly PLN 4 million

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