Innovation in SME

Regional operation programme of the łódzkie voivodship for 2014-2020


Regional operation programme of the łódzkie voivodship for 2014-2020


II: Innovative and competitive economy


II.3: Increased competitiveness of sme


II.3.1: Innovation in sme


Applicant: Techmark l.Ogłoza s.Zdziechowski spółka jawna



Eligible project costs: PLN 6 802 000,00


Implementation period: 2016-07-01– 2017-09-30

The project refers to implementation of the results obtained during R&D activities conducted by the company, and using these results in order to manufacture products, which are considerably improved as compared to other products available on the market.


These products refer to furniture with integrated electronic components. During R&D activities both the product and the relevant technology have been developed. During the project implementation we intend to purchase state-of-art technical solutions in the field of cutting and bending, as well as to introduce certain changes to painting process. Moreover, the project requires extension of the building.



Project assumption




Thanks to project targets and expected results, the project contributes to fulfilment of II Axis of the Regional Operational Programme of the Łódzkie Voivodship for 2014-2020, i.e. Innovative and competitive economy, including its specific objective: Increased implementation of innovative solutions in the SME. Implementation of the project, the results obtained during R&D activities, as well as the latest technologies will translate into increased innovation in the field of solutions used in the company and faster development of the company. Actions to be taken as part of the project comply with the target of Measure II.3 Increased competitiveness of SME Sub-measure II.3.1. Innovations in SME,  which directly contributes to increased competitiveness and faster development of enterprises located in the Łódzkie Voivodship.


The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund



Contact person concerning the investments co-financed by the European Union

Gabriel Uciński

Tel: + 0048-42-712-17-95 (int. 31)