Library furniture

We need specially protected lockers in many different public places and cultural institutions are one of them.

Books not only have great material value – they are a part of our literary heritage. Some of the very valuable works are already out of print, which is why we have to protect them at all cost.


Self-service library stations and book drops

Library furniture should be durable, highly aesthetic and intuitive to use in the first place. Our metal stations meet all of these criteria, allowing users to easily handle material collections and returns. The self-service is hard to overestimate during these challenging times, when we would like to settle as many things as possible without risking the exposure to the virus.

The offer includes compartments with or without windows, locked by means of a key or a fixed PIN code. By placing cabinets outside the building, we also give users the option of dropping or collecting materials at any time, even after the institution’s operating hours.


More protection needed? Try our TECHCODE RFID furniture!


TECHCODE RFID: upgrade your furniture

If you want your volumes to be even more secure, you should definitely consider self-service library stations and book drops TECHCODE RFID. It is not only a very safe form of storing documents – those cabinets are also equipped with many additional functions, such as automatic registration of returns and collections, generating reports or notifying the user about the availability of the ordered items.