Self-service library stations and book drops

Self-service library stations and book drops

provide safe, self-service and non-contact collection and return of books in accordance with sanitary regime. During the pandemics self-service library stations have become an indispensable element of every present-day library and lending library.  Self-service library stations and book drops provide time necessary for the books to undergo quarantine and be subsequently collected by the readers/library employees.

Self-service library stations can have a form of free-standing or wall-mounted cabinets with any number and size of compartments.  In the basic version each compartment is locked by means of a key-lock.


The compartment can be also closed by means of electronic coded locks suitable for outdoor applications. Self-service library stations located outside the buildings make it possible to collect the books stored in the station with no time limits throughout the year, also during bank holidays or lock-down.


When the self-service library stations are equipped with electronic lock with batteries, the compartments can be used with no need to connect the cabinets to the external power sources. EKP locks generate codes valid for a single door unlocking. Thanks to this solution, when a compartment is free, other persons having new PIN code for a single door opening, can use the compartment.  A compartment is provided with LED that lightens, when it is occupied.

Our offer designed for libraries and reading rooms is supplemented by so called book drops. This type of furniture makes it possible to return books to lending libraries and libraries in a non-contact and self-service manner.


Using a user-friendly drop, books are safely deposited in the cabinet’s drawer. Cabinet’s door is protected by means of a key- or coded-lock.  When the book drop is situated outside the building, books can be returned at any time irrespective of the opening hours of a library or a reading room.

Cabinets and book drops are manufactured as specifically instructed by the customer. We provide our assistance, we develop and manufacture cabinets of any size and colour. Our offer also includes UV printing.

Apart from traditional cabinets we also manufacture TECHCODE book drops and self-service library stations that are equipped with RFID technology, whose functionalities include automatic registering of book collections and returns.


To find out more about our TECHCODE RFID self-service library stations and book drops read here.

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