Office/file cabinets

They are widely used in offices

The office/file cabinets’ design makes it possible to combine the functions of an office cabinet and a file cabinet. This solution provides safe storage for binders, documents, file folders, and minor office equipment. Thanks to its versatility, the product is best suited to small offices and other places where modest amounts of documents are stored.


The cabinet’s upper section can be used to store binders in two or three rows – depending on the model. This compartment holds perforated profiles for adjusting drawer height.
The upper section is locked with a cam lock. It can be also equipped with other elements selected by the Client (extended shelves, partitions, file folder frames, etc.).


The lower section can be adapted for storing any kind of document (file folders, suspension file folders, resident registration files, student credit books) in a standardized format (A3, A4, A5, A6, B5). It can also be used to store other office equipment, such as phones. We can also fit drawers of different depths.

The cabinet is equipped with a system that prevents more than one drawer from being opened at the same time, which protects the cabinet against falling down. Drawers are mounted on fully extended telescopic ball guides with a locking system ensuring that they do not fall out. The maximum drawer load capacity is approx. 50 kg. Every drawer has a name plate holder.


The lower section is locked with a single master lock that locks all drawers simultaneously.

We can additionally expand the cabinet’s usable area by using different kinds of extensions. As standard, the cabinet is fitted with one shelf.


In order to ensure that the entire system is stable, the extension is mounted on the cabinet using screws.

Thanks to the broad array of configuration options, our cabinets are often used in offices, enjoying a lot of interest from our Clients. Our design office helps the Client choose the best possible solution, with a focus on maintaining the cabinet’s functionality and usability.

Furniture with
Antimicrobial coating


We offer cabinets covered with a special coating that provides effective and lasting protection against contamination.


The applied technology prevents the development and spread of dangerous microorganisms.