Metal Benches for social rooms

We also offer benches of various types and dimensions

Our benches offer a wide variety of models and sizes, which makes them perfect for a wide range of applications, not only as components of other furniture types (multi-tier lockers, clothing lockers, locker rooms), but also as free-standing utility furniture. This is why they are excellent as fixed equipment in locker rooms, halls, manufacturing facilities, cafeterias, and other staff and utility rooms.


They are made of varnished wooden panels, MDF panels or plastic panels, in two colors.

We make the following bench types

  • free-standing (in several lengths),

  • retractable from inside; being located inside the locker, they can be used as an additional shelf,

  • retractable from under the locker; these benches make it possible to use the locker’s space along its entire length,

  • benches mounted on a locker’s footing; their advantage is the unrestricted access and easy cleaning under the locker.


Additional equipment for benches

The space under the bench (in option 1, 3 and 4) can be used to fit another shoe shelf (made of perforated metal or other materials) or a locker with a cam lock.