Clothing lockers for social rooms

We offer a large selection of clothing lockers in various models

Clothing lockers are the most user-friendly type of staff lockers, offering the option to arrange the interior to suit any purpose (shelves, rails, hooks, recesses, partitions, shoe shelves). In addition, they incorporate numerous functional solutions (benches, tops, footings, etc.) that make it easy to use them in everyday life. Our lockers are the best solution especially for staff changing rooms and other staff rooms.


We offer different clothing locker models,

including lockers with benches (mounted permanently, extended from the inside or from under the locker) or lockers with a separate section for shoes and other objects. For smaller spaces, we recommend “L” lockers, which despite their more limited usable space, are perfect for putting away personal items, as well as for hanging clothes in a convenient way.


Staff cabinets with panel doors

Our lockers are manufactured not only with metal doors, but also with doors made of laminated panels, MDF, HPL, or plexiglass. We also produce lockers from acid resistant or zinc-plated metal, which due to their higher resistance to humidity, are particularly useful at swimming pool locker rooms. Our lockers are fitted with cam locks, padlocks, keypads or coin locks. Our Clients are offered a choice of several vent types and shapes. Upon special requests, we can produce another type of perforation, also with the Client’s logo.


Clothing cabinets on special order

Upon special requests, we make lockers designed especially for storing skis, snowboards, boots, and other skiing and snowboarding equipment. The special design enables water to be drained outside. They can also be fitted with a professional boot drying system. These lockers are increasingly chosen by modern skiing resorts, becoming an indispensable part of their equipment.


Individually finished clothing cabinets

In addition, we produce fire station lockers (with a special helmet stand), meeting the unique needs of fire-fighting services. We also accept orders for lockers unavailable in our regular offer, advising our Clients on choosing the best possible solution. In addition, we design interiors with ergonomics and convenience in mind, using our own furniture.

Furniture with
Antimicrobial coating


We offer cabinets covered with a special coating that provides effective and lasting protection against contamination.


The applied technology prevents the development and spread of dangerous microorganisms.