Multifunctional techpost cabinets/furniture

Configuration of chosen elements according to your needs

Techpost multifuctional cabinets
for parcels and stands

Multi-functional Techpost stands allow for any product configuration. Depending of the current needs, use of interchangeable modules, hangers, hooks and other accessories makes it possible to customise a hygienic station, an advertising stand or a coat hanger. The greatest advantage of this product is that it is characterised by universal application, simple modular elements, as well as unlimited configuration options and possibility to adapt the product to the current needs. 

Techpost cabinets for parcels are modern mailboxes which allow the couriers to deliver and store parcels securely when you are absent.

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TECHCODE RFID furniture complement our STOP COVID product offer. TECHCODE RFID parcel cabinets are non-contact operated, i.e. using mobile application. They are used to provide non-contact transfer of documents, working clothes, tools and other items used in a company. Our TECHCODE RFID cabinets are used by a growing number of companies, for which it is a perfect tool to deliver their products in a fast, cheap and convenient manner which is available 24/7.

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