Techpost cabinets for parcels

Safe storage of your packages

TECHPOST cabinets for parcels are a type of furniture specifically designed to collect parcels even during your absence. They guarantee security when receiving parcels, without having any contact with the courier, while protecting the shipment against theft and weather conditions.


Techpost cabinet, placed next to the house or business, enables you to conveniently pick up parcels, without having to make arrangements with a courier for a specific time, or drive to a designated collection point.

Safe storage


Techpost cabinets for parcels protect your property against theft and collection by unauthorised persons.

In our absence parcels are usually handed over to neighbors or left on the property, from where they can be easily stolen. Techpost cabinets solve this problem by securing shipments until they are picked up by the addressee.


Your parcels are also protected against adverse weather conditions.

The cabinet is made of galvanized steel, which provides our cabinet with high resistance to various external conditions. We don’t have to worry about our shipments being damaged. An additional protection against rain or snow is provided by a sloping roof that protrudes beyond the body of the box, protecting the interior from getting wet.

Non-contact collection


The current epidemiological threat has contributed to a significant increase in the number of packages delivered by courier companies.


By limiting direct contact with other people, Techpost cabinet for parcels ensures the safety of its users and reduces the risk of spreading dangerous microorganisms.

Simplicity of use


Using Techpost cabinet for packages is quite simple.

After lifting the upper lid of the box, the parcel is placed inside.The trap door mechanism used in our cabinet means that after closing the top cover, the package falls inside.

The only way to remove the package is to open the front door with the key.

Easy assembly


Techpost cabinet for parcels can be mounted in any place you choose.

  • installation on hard surfaces (paving stones, flagstones, concrete) is carried out using the screw set provided.
    The screws are placed in the mounting holes on the bottom of the box, and then screwed directly to the ground.
  • installation on soft ground (lawn) is carried out using a special frame with anchors (additional equipment).

After placing the frame in the ground, it is screwed to the cabinet using a screw set.



Tp p1

Tp p2


450/495 x 350/430 x 1210

690/735 x 350/430 x 1210


360 x 300 x 500

600 x 300 x 500

Additional information:


MATERIAL - powder coated galvanized steel


LOCK - cam lock or padlock

LOCKING SYSTEM - three-point lock

COLOR - according to the standard RAL offer

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