We also manufacture non-standard and complex furniture and metal structures

In addition to our regular products, we also accept orders for non-standard products and complex metal structures

Upon the Client’s request, we:

  • manufacture our products on the basis of complete documentation prepared by ourselves, based on the prototype submitted by the Client,
  • complete orders using documentation provided by the Client,
  • design and manufacture products with specific orders in mind, on the basis of the Client’s needs and specific technical requirements

We carry out orders for both large and small lots, providing our Clients with technical advice on which solutions are best used to manufacture a given furniture model.

At the design stage, we verify our product’s entire design, as well as the assembly process, to look technical errors, striving to develop solutions that aim to decrease our total manufacturing cost and achieve the best possible final effect.

Our design office performs design calculations using SolidEdge and AutoCad.

Constantly upgraded and expanded, our equipment resources ensure that we always use the best available technology, enabling us to create even the most unusual, top-quality metal products and structures. Our equipment makes it possible to manufacture complex parts with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, ensuring perfect repeatability.


Our highly efficient precision machines allow us to meet the Polish and international quality standards, fulfilling even the most elaborate of our Clients’ wishes.

Quality auditors supervise our manufacturing processes to ensure that our products are consistent with the design documentation and the requirements defined in our inspection plan. They also guarantee that we deliver a top-quality final product.

Our regular cooperation with suppliers of furniture tools and accessories makes it possible for us to develop even the most unusual, complete designs, ensuring that our products always meet our Clients’ expectations.

Currently, we are carrying out a number of investment projects that will enable us to purchase state-of-the-art metalworking machines and implement innovative technologies. We plan to purchase advanced automatic bending machines and other metal forming, cutting and coating equipment. In addition to increasing process automation and improving the quality of our products, these projects are expected to increase our manufacturing capacity, let us launch new products, and meet our clients’ expectations.


Raising the quality of our products will allow them to stand out among the competition, making them more competitive on an international scale.