School furniture

Every year we produce lockers for several thousand pupils and students

Metal school furniture provides quality
tested for generations

Our metal school furniture is an important equipment in schools, universities and other educational institutions. The furniture is characterised by considerable resistance to damage, thanks to which it can be uninterruptedly used by successive generations of students. Each year we manufacture lockers for several thousand students. Classrooms, cloakrooms, common rooms, halls and other premises in kindergartens, schools, universities and libraries are equipped with our clothing lockers, compartment cabinets, benches, hangers and other school furniture. Whereas our office and file cabinets can be found in secretary’s offices and principals’ offices. Apart from products offered on a regular basis, we also manufacture other, non-standard school furniture to ordered size, taking into consideration the Customer’s requirements, e.g. laptop cabinets and carts.

Ask about our offer and become a distributor of our school furniture on preferential terms and conditions.

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TECHCODE RFID furniture opened using RFID cards or other RFID identifiers is an alternative solution to the conventional school cabinets. These smart cabinets make it possible to plan different configurations of the compartments using e.g. one compartment can be allocated to a single user or to a number of them, compartments can be used in turns, any first, not occupied compartment can be used, etc. 

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