Metal Office cabinets for schools

Wide choice of fittings within the cabinets

Office cabinets are used in teaching staff and administration rooms at schools, and in other places where documents requiring secure storage are kept.


Our office cabinets contain perforated profiles to adjust the height of the shelves every 25 or 50 mm. Our solutions offer a wide range of cabinet furnishing options.

As standard, cabinets have four shelves, but can also be fitted with a fixed double compartment locked with an additional lock, extended shelves and drawers, or frames for hanging A4 file folders. The office/clothing version is additionally fitted with a hanger rail. Our cabinets can be equipped with various other elements, including a mirror, hooks or a shoe stand.

Our offer includes three door types:

  • double doors; mounted on internal hinges; ensure free access to the cabinet’s interior; locked with a cam lock; in addition to full metal doors, we also make doors with a plexiglass or safety glass filling,
  • louvered double doors; made of PVC; doors slide to both sides horizontally; locked with a cam lock; fully hidden in the cabinet’s sides, which ensures unlimited access to the interior,
  • sliding metal doors; used especially in places where there is not enough room for standard doors to open.

We can additionally expand the cabinet’s usable area by using different kinds of extensions, also with shelves. When selecting the door for an extension, the Client can choose a solution that matches a given cabinet. In order to ensure that the entire system is stable, the extension is mounted on the cabinet using screws.


In addition to standard metal cabinets, we also make certified heavy-duty office cabinets and combination office/file cabinets.


As a special request, we make cabinets of any size and with any equipment, modified according to the Client’s guidelines.

Furniture with
Antimicrobial coating


We offer cabinets covered with a special coating that provides effective and lasting protection against contamination.


The applied technology prevents the development and spread of dangerous microorganisms.