Workshop furniture

We also specialize in the production of metal workshop furniture

Solid workshop furniture
for the most demanding

Our company specializes in the production of metal workshop furniture designed for tough conditions e.g. in workshops, production halls, or warehouses. Massive structure of our industrial furniture provides increased resistance to damage, which consequently guarantees their long-lasting exploitation.

Our industrial workstations and workshop carts are characterised by improved stability as compared to ordinary furniture. Thanks to versatile solutions applied in our furniture, it can be provided with additional elements which increase their functionality and improve ergonomics at the workplace. 

Our offer includes wide range of metal cabinets with drawers and solid workshop cabinets with different equipment options.  Apart from products offered on a regular basis, on request, we also manufacture specialized workstations, including industrial workstations designed for logistics centres, workstation for object sorting, metal assembly workstations, computer cabinets and other non-standard industrial furniture. Additionally, we produce other non-standard metal workshop furniture customised to strict instructions of the Customer (this includes both cooperation and subcontracting).  You can rely on our knowledge and experience. We know all about the metal furniture production.

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TECHCODE RFID workshop cabinets is a group of smart furniture which can be used as quasi store room. These fully automatic and reliable cabinets can read tagged items and record all actions, e.g. takings and returns. In this regard they perform a number of actions, which used to be performed by a man, and therefore allow to reduce operational costs of the company.

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