Workshop cabinets

To store items of different size.

Massive structure, large storage and carrying capacity are only main advantages of the workshop cabinets. Most often they are used in the workshops, production plants and facilities. Metal workshop cabinets make it easier to keep the workplace tidy. Massive structure of these cabinets provides high mechanical strength and thermal resistance. It protects the stored items from external factors like dust, increased humidity or excess temperature.


Thanks to available solutions the cabinets’ interior can be freely configured. This greatly improves the cabinets’ functionality and ergonomics of the usable interior space.

Full door with a reinforcing profile is installed on solid external hinges. The door closes with a key lock provided with a knob and 3-point locking system. Our offer also includes door filled with acrylic glass, as well as cabinets provided with slidable PVC roller shutter and door with safety glass.


Interior of the cabinet is provided with mounting rails to add a wide variety of additional accessories. A cabinet can be equipped with adjustable shelves, pull-out shelves, drawers of different depth and pull-out frames for suspension files. Our offer also includes perforated tool panels, as well as different polypropylene containers and hangers for workshop accessories.

We also manufacture workshop cabinets for chemical reagents. Cabinets designed for storing chemicals have high chemical resistance to different chemical substances and combustible materials. The cabinets are equipped with shelves made of zinc-coated sheet and shelves with protruding edges for containers with chemical reagents. The offer also includes perforated shelves. The top section of the cabinet can be provided with a connection port to connect external ventilation system to the cabinet.


Products presented in our catalogue can be individually tailored to the needs of our customers. We will assist you to optimally equip the cabinet with extra accessories during design stage. Thanks to our modern machine park, in a short time limit we can manufacture even particularly non-standard housings.