Workshop cupboards

Safety storage of workshop tools

Workshop cupboards are mostly used for safe storage of all kinds of tools. An abundance of accessory options makes it possible to keep any workplace tidy.


Workshop cupboards are most often used in garages, metal workshops, warehouses or manufacturing buildings. They are extremely versatile, which makes them perfect both as free-standing furniture and as a complement to other types of workshop furniture.

Workshop cabinets of different dimensions

Suspended cupboards are available in many versions, making it possible to arrange their usable space and customize its functions to suit the user’s needs. Our offer includes a wide range of hook sets, used to adjust the interior tool layout to fit any type of workshop equipment. The cupboard’s rear wall and the doors’ internal walls can be perforated for mounting holders and tools. The cupboard contains mounting rails, which can be used to mount shelves every 38 mm. The shelf’s load capacity is 20 kg. Doors are fitted with a cam lock. Suspended cupboards can be mounted directly on walls or on perforated profiles mounted on tables.

Perforated tool panels ensure that the cupboard’s usable space is utilized ergonomically.

Panels can also be:

  • installed in suspended cupboards or workshop cabinets,

  • mounted directly onto a wall,

  • installed on the profiles of a metal frame or workshop table, fulfilling the function of a wall for mounting other elements.

Metal drawers in metal cupboards

The solid panel perforation makes it possible to hang not only various hooks, holders, brackets and loops, but also entire containers with handles. Thanks to the solid, reinforced structure, workshop drawer cupboards are highly resistant – simply made to last. Cupboards can be equipped with drawers of various capacities, whose interior can be customized to mount metal partitions that make it easy to store small objects, or fitted with foam inserts. Drawers are fitted with adhesive labels to identify their contents.


Comfortable drawer solutions

The drawers are assembled with ball-bearing telescopic slides (with a system that prevents them from falling out) that ensures easy and smooth drawer movement. The cupboards are fitted with a patented blocking mechanism that makes it impossible to open more than one drawer at a time, which protects the cupboard from collapsing. Drawers are mounted on telescopic ball guides (with a locking system protecting against falling out), ensuring that they can be extended smoothly and easily. As standard, drawers are fitted with a system preventing more than one drawer from being opened at the same time, which protects it against falling down. Cupboards are fitted with a master cam lock. They can also be equipped with leveling feet.

Additional equipment for cabinets

Cupboards can be fitted with swivel wheels and handles for transport. At the Client’s request, the top can be covered with rubber with an edge preventing tools from falling down or with corrugated rubber. We can also fit our cabinets with a top made of hard plywood, metal-framed plywood or acid resistant metal sheet.


Our offer includes a wide range of furniture ensuring that any workshop and warehouse space can be sensibly arranged, including workshop tables and carts, workshop cabinets and industrial computer cabinets.

Furniture with
Antimicrobial coating


We offer cabinets covered with a special coating that provides effective and lasting protection against contamination.


The applied technology prevents the development and spread of dangerous microorganisms.