Design and production of furniture and steel structures

We started designing and manufacturing furniture and steel structures as early as in 1990, gaining extensive experience in this area.

Our broad knowledge and considerable manufacturing capabilities enable us to take up new challenges in response to the market’s ever-changing requirements. We can live up to any, even the most difficult project. When designing metal furniture, our overarching goal is to make our products as functional and durable as possible, while offering attractive and ergonomic designs, and meeting the mandatory and generally accepted standards.


Our metal furniture is designed and manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management System Certificate for the design and manufacture of furniture and metal structures.

Design work is carried out by our design office, whose highly qualified specialists create advanced models, using the AutoCad and SolidEdge computer-aided design software, which:

  • can be used to create drawings and visualizations of any 3D shape or part in 2D and 3D,
  • ensure flexible options for editing and checking models for technical errors,
  • enable us to create complete design documentation,
  • ensure that drawings meet the ISO standards.

Advanced computer techniques enable prototyping, i.e. designing a product with a particular order in mind. Products are designed on the basis of our Clients’ guidelines and specific technical requirements. Upon request, we create complete design documentation based on the prototype submitted by the Client.

Our regular cooperation with suppliers of furniture tools and accessories makes it possible for us to develop even the most unusual, complete designs, ensuring that our products meet the normalization and unification standards.


When the Client orders a complex, non-standard piece of furniture, our design office prepares suitable assembly and operating instructions for the product.

In matters of design, our technologists strive to develop the best possible solutions that not only reduce the total manufacturing cost, but first and foremost enable us to create a fully functional product that follows the principles of contemporary applied design, and as such, meets the market’s evolving expectations.