Ideal-line painting system

Works well for painting both small and large elements

Thanks to large sizes of the oven and drying chamber used in the latest Ideal-Line painting system, we are able to paint large-sized details (up to 2500 mm H x 1500 mm W x 4000 mm L with the maximum weight of 250 kg).

Prior to powder coating, the item is subjected to thorough chemical process, which guarantees, that all consecutive steps give high quality results. The system comprises:

  • 3-step cascade washer, during which the surface is prepared for painting with iron phosphating, which improves anti-corrosion and mechanical properties, and for washing with demineralised water,


  • drying chamber and polymerisation oven with closed combustion chamber have separate burners, separate control system and separate temperature adjustment, which is very advantageous for all types of powder paint.


Special chamber manufactured by GEMA is equipped with a manual painting tool OptiFlex 2B TWIN, having 1100 m2/8h productivity. Moreover, it is very advantageous, as colours can be quickly changed. Therefore it proves to be a perfect tool for painting short series of products.


We use wide range of powder paints: both epoxy-polyester paints, and polyester paints with smooth or structural finishing.