Opti center itw gema painting line

Perfect for painting both small and large elements

Powder coating is done in an automatic spray booth, using the latest-generation ITW GEMA Opticenter powder management system. Our technology allows us to achieve very good coating results, being perfect for both small and large (up to 2,000 mm high x 1,400 mm wide x 1,000 mm deep) workpieces.

The spray booth is equipped with a system that controls twelve guns and manipulators, and the paint coating and dispensing axis, ensuring that the entire coating process is fully coordinated. Our coating shop additionally has two separate stations with powder guns, used for manual coating of those spots that are hard to reach for the machine. Smooth dispensing and continuous feeding of a constant amount of paint produces an even surface. The process is supervised by means of the central unit’s operating panel, which ensures the best possible coating and time settings for individual pieces, top-quality coating results, and high repeatability.

The spray techniques (including electrostatic spraying) used in the booth make it possible to coat even sharp workpiece edges and angles. This enables us to produce coats of unparalleled quality, which is also possible for pieces with highly complex shapes.


Prior to coating, all surfaces are suitably prepared: washed, degreased, and phosphate-coated (coated with anticorrosive coats) in automatic spray washers. In the course of the entire process, we use Metallchemie products. In order to provide coats with additional protection, all workpieces are rinsed with deionized water.


We offer a wide palette of powder paints: masonry paints, structural paints (fine and coarse) and smooth paints (from mat to polish). We use epoxy-polyester mixes, and epoxy or polyester paints for more demanding workpieces. We additionally use a zinc coat (also as powder) to paint special-purpose workpieces used in high-humidity conditions, e.g. at swimming pools or on ships.
A cutting-edge powder management system, a powder recovery cyclone, and a cylindrical filter enable powder to be circulated in a fully closed system, which provides excellent protection against external contamination. This solution not only ensures dust-free operation and efficient powder consumption, but first of all, excellent coating results.


In addition to the automatic booth, a manual booth is used for small product lots.