We perform the pyrolysis service

Pyrolysis service that we provide involves removing varnish coatings from various metal surfaces, including hangers, badly painted elements, etc.

We perform the service using a pyrolysis furnace, which removes the varnish coatings through their thermal decomposition at a temperature of 400-450 ° C.

By using the heat obtained by burning gas, the coated articles are heated to the decomposition temperature of the flammable materials from the coating. These materials are then incinerated. The entire process takes place in the absence of oxygen or other oxidizing agents.











In the pyrolysis furnace, we can remove such coatings as:

  • powder paints,
  • waterborne paints,
  • solvent-based paints,
  •  electro-insulating varnishes, etc.

We can also clean elements of complex and intricate shapes.


The usable area of our pyrolysis furnace is:

  • width – 1500 mm
  • height– 1800 mm
  • length– 2000 mm

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