Uv swiss q print oryx printer

The printer is able to print on almost any material available on the market

Techmark has purchased large format UV printer, thanks to which we can provide new UV printing service.

Large format UV printer is a hybrid printer, which guarantees high quality digital prints with much greater resistance to external factors than the conventional solvent prints.

























Printing primer can be applied on the surface selectively or on the whole element subject to printing, including the edges. Precise location of printed format provides perfect quality of each printing.


Therefore the printer can be used on all materials currently available on the market, including materials of irregular shape and surface (e.g. plywood).


Printing can be applied both on the rigid (e.g. wood, glass, plexiglass) and elastic (paper, foil and so on) flat surfaces, with the maximum printing area: 2500 x 1520 mm and 50 mm thickness (printing area can be greater, when the print is divided).


Printer can be used for printing different types of untreated metal, as well as metal coated with powder paint.


We can provide printing on the products offered by our company, or other products and materials.


Printing can be chosen from the motifs we offer, or we can print patterns (files) delivered by the Client. Please sent your enquiry to: techmark@techmark.com.pl


Technical specification:


Printing area: 2500 x 1520 mm (larger when the printing is divided)

Maximum thickness of the printing material:  50 mm

Maximum weight of the substrate: 150 kg


Drop size: 9-42 pl.

Actual resolution: 360 dpi – 1080 dpi

Perceived resolution: do 2160 dpi

Supported files types

PDF (.pdf), POSTSCRIPT (*.*ps), TIFF (.tif*), JPEG (.jpg), PHOTOSHOP (.psd) and others

Printing technology

Inkjet (DOD)

Printing in greyscale



Light cyan, light magenta, light dark, white, varnish, primer, orange, greet, purple, spot colours (Pantone)