We print on the furniture…
And other items

We can print any motif on any flat Surface

UV printing on the furniture is a perfect solution, if you want to create unique design and interior. 

Flat surfaces can be printed with unlimited number and types of motifs, as a result of which your interior becomes eye-catching and one-off. Anyone wishing to develop customised furniture and equipment within the designed space, will make great use of our offer.

UV printing gives highest quality images (of up to 2160 dpi), vigorous colours and hight resistance to external factors. Thanks to it we are able to manufacture variety of decorating items for the interiors (wall panels, ornamental screens, posters, stained glass, canvas paintings, furniture printing, etc.), and exteriors (advertising banners, signboards, information boards, etc.). Moreover, printing with white pigment gives us unlimited possibilities to create even the most demanding projects.


As part of our service we can advise on the selection of printing motifs, provide graphic design and prepare files delivered by the Client.

We not only help with the selection of the print pattern, but also provide graphic design services and preparation of files provided by the customer for printing.


You can find out more about our printer here.