Fiber inspire 1530 f 4.0 laser cutter

Dedicated to professional mass production

Fiber iNspire 1530 F 4.0 laser cutter is a technologically advanced, very precise and dynamic machine. It cuts black sheet metal, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and aluminium. 

The machine is dedicated for mass production, where high level of cutting precision is indispensable. It can be used to cut elements of electric engines and other elements of complex shapes.

Discussed cutter is provided with one of the fastest real-time operating system on the market. Cutting speed up to 150m/min. and 6G laser cutting acceleration guarantee high reliability, perfect edges, cutting reproducibility of 0.03 [mm/m] and exceptional cutting precision of 0.05 [mm/m].


























Operation control system has been developed with extra functionalities, which improve machine’s operation and guarantee its reliability, e.g.

  • Fast Piercing – fast piercing through thick metal sheets (approx. 10 times faster than CO2 lasers),

  • FA (Fast Approach)-  this function improves the machine’s productivity

  • HPC – High Pressure Cutting automatic system with the use of nitrogen to cut stainless steel and aluminium alloys, to obtain cutting edges lacking oxides,

  • HRS – High Regulation System, which maintains constant distance between the cutting head and a metal sheet, and provides contactless detection of the metal sheet position on the pallet. Thanks to this functionality a metal sheet need not to be moved and its position need not to be adjusted. Cutting parameters and machine’s operation are verified every 1 ms.

Important parameters:

  • Laser power 4kW

  • Size of a metal sheet to be cut [mm] 1540 x 3060 x 120

  • Max. metal sheet weight [kg] 900

  • Adjustment speed of  X Y Z axes – 250 m/min

  • X and Y acceleration – 60 m/s2

Max. cutting thickness [mm]:

  • black metal sheet – 20

  • stainless steel – 20

  • aluminium – 15

  • brass – 8

  • copper – 6

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