Göteneds flanging and folding machine

Processing of large-size elements

Machining of sheet metal is completed by the new GÖTENEDS flanging and folding machine of Futura Plus series. The patented structure of the machine with rotary clamping beam is characterised by universal application, whereas the folding beam is driven by two motors assembled at the ends of the beam.

Back table is provided with 4 tilting pneumatically extended stops, thank to which specific dimensions can be very quickly positioned. Thanks to unique structure of the front section with elastic ends of the stops, they can be placed approx. 2 mm away from the bend edge. Therefore, milling of the stops at the lower beam is not required, and no impression is left on the material.













Discussed machine is used for machining large elements (larger than 2500 mm), as well as performing some of the final bends, which are higher than 165 mm.


  • working length 4100 mm
  • maximum sheet thickness (Rm=400 N/mm2) 2,5mm
  • maximum sheet thickness (stainless steel) 2,0mm
  • maximum sheet thickness (aluminium) 4,0mm.