Trumpf tc200r punching press

Cuts and contours of any shape and size

TC200R is used to tool objects with even surfaces by punching and nibbling. Used in industrial manufacturing, punching is a mechanical cutting technique using a stamp and a matrix. Thanks to these methods, we can produce cuts and contours of any shape and size within the machine’s operating range).


Technical parameters:


  • maximum working area: 1,280 x 2,070 mm

  • maximum workpiece weight: 150 kg

  • maximum metal sheet thickness: 6.4 mm

  • maximum punching force: 165 kN

  • smallest programmable section: 0.001 mm

  • average position spread width: ± 0.03 mm

  • smallest programmable angular displacement: 0,001°


    Using cutting-edge software and CNC enables us to achieve a very high laser cutting precision of up to 0.1 mm