Trulaser cell 7040 for laser machining

We provide the highest quality of metal processing

TruLaser Cell 7040 provides high quality laser machining. Laser beam is generated on so called laser seed, and is reinforced in special glass fibres. Thanks to this solution, fibre laser cutter has wavelength of 1.064 micrometer, and therefore very small diameter of the laser focus.

With the ThruLaser Cell 7040 it is possible to:

  • perform 2D and 3D cutting, including cutting of flat elements, profiles, as well as welded or sintered components,

  • weld,

  • create 2D and 3D items,

  • provide one-off or serial manufacturing.

Precise laser location and automatic setting of its focal length provides highest and constant quality of laser treatment.


3D laser can cut:

  • structural steel (black sheet metal) maximum 4 mm,

  • stainless steel (acid resistant sheet metal) maximum 3 mm,

  • aluminium  (PA11) maximum 4 mm.

Maximum working area:

  • X axis 4000 mm x Y axis1500 mm x Z axis 750 mm

  • B axis + 135°, C axis n x 360°


Maximum power of Fiber laser: 3000 W