Welders, press brakes, fixed spot – welding machine

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We use MIG, MAG and TIG welders, enabling us to produce precise welds. In the MIG method, we use argon or helium as the shielding gas, while the MAG method makes use of CO2 or a mix of CO2 and argon as the active gas. We weld aluminium alloys, and heat and acid resistant metal sheets using the TIG method. We can produce airtight welds, whose quality is verified using special chemical agents. Thanks to our advanced welding machines, we can produce any shape whatsoever, ensuring the highest possible quality of our welded structures.

Currently, the company is carrying out a number of investment projects that will enable it to purchase state-of-the-art metalworking machines and implement innovative technologies. In the nearest future, we plan to purchase advanced automatic bending machines and other metal forming, cutting and coating equipment. These projects are expected to increase process automation, improve the quality of our products, and boost our manufacturing capacity.

Fixed spot- welding machines

Suspended pincer spot-welding machines can be used to weld together two 3 mm metal sheets (3 mm + 3 mm) suspended on a crane and mounted on a revolving ring, which enables 3D welding without the need to replace tools. Spot-welding machines are controlled with an electronic controller that can be used to select parameters suitable for welding of any type of sheet metal. We can also weld stainless steel (acid resistant steel).

Fixed spot-welding machines are used to weld flat workpieces, such as shelf and door brackets. A welding parameter controller makes it possible to match every weld to sheet thickness, leaving no dents on the surface.

We have extensive experiences in stainless steel welding, allowing us to














































Press brakes

Our machine resources include state-of-the-art CNC press brakes:

  • Amada HFP 80-25
  • Amada HFE M2 5020
  • Trumpf 5130

Press brakes are used to bend flat metal sheets. Bent elements are measured with Digi Pro, an electronic device used for angle measurement. The Trumpf press brake is additionally equipped with a workpiece suspension device, which prevents pieces from being deformed when being bent.

Technical parameters:

  • pressure force: up to 1,300 kN
  • maximum workpiece length: 3,000 mm
  • metal sheet thickness: up to 6 mm