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TECHCODE RFID metal cabinets with access control

TECHCODE RFID metal cabinets with access control

Smart TECHCODE RFID cabinets use radio frequency signals to automatically identify and record events, which occur also using the said signals. TECHCODE RFID cabinets are operated with different systems using RFID technology. Depending on the system chosen for the cabinet, its functions will be different.  

Steel structure of the cabinets is only one of the factors that guarantee safe storage of items. All our TECHCODE RFID furniture is equipped with proven and reliable electronic locks. 

Access control and registration of events are the major functions of the TECHCODE RFID cabinets. Regardless of the system applied in the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, prior to performing any activity the user’s identity needs to be verified first. Each system authorises activities to be undertaken by an authorised user, and provide him with access to specific functionalities of the cabinet.

TECHCODE RFID cabinets provided with S.1 and S.2 systems are easily operated, autonomous cabinets or furniture operating in a given system. They are ready to be operated after connecting them to the power supply and encoding access cards.

TECHCODE RFID cabinets equipped with other systems have more functionalities i.e. they can read RFID tags. In that event they form a part of more complex scheme, of which they are the core element. 












TECHCODE RFID cabinets can be applied in the following facilities:

  • offices, departments, service providers’ facilities, production halls
  • schools, libraries and other educational institutions
  • theatres, cinemas, museums, concert halls
  • courts, police stations, customs offices
  • hospitals and other medical facilities
  • stations, airports, depots
  • stadiums and other sport facilities
  • hotels, recreation centres, sanatoriums
  • car showrooms and service

Types of 

TECHCODE RFID cabinets can store any items of different size and purpose. The choice of the cabinet, size of its compartments and the system applied, depend on the type of items to be stored in a given cabinet and actions to be performed by it.  Tell us what your expectations are and our experts will prepare an offer tailored to the product you need. 

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