Techcode rfid food lockers

The offer is mainly addressed to companies working with HACCP system

TECHCODE RFID food lockers are furniture with implemented RFID technology, access to which is possible thanks to encoded proximity identifiers. The offer is mainly addressed to companies having HACCP system, which e.g. eliminates the possibility to use keys within the production area.

Compartments in the TECHCODE RFID cabinets are opened by means of access cards (RFID proximity identifiers). Compartment can be also opened by means of identifiers used in TnA systems (Time and Attendance Systems).

We decide on the functions of the TECHCODE RFID food locker by selecting the system that supports it. It can be configured to suit the client’s needs.

S.1 System

The most basic system the main function of which is access control with coded proximity identifiers.

Access to the resources stored in the locker is granted only to authorized personnel who has an encoded proximity identifier in the form of a card, key fob, stickers, etc. To open the Techcode RFID locker you can also use the identifiers currently used in the company. Standardly supported identifiers include Unique 125kHz, Mifare 13,56 MHz or HID Crescendo iClass SE.

The RFID technology allows for any number of RFID identifiers to be encoded for each locker, and each identifier can be encoded / decoded multiple times. Frequent change of users of the compartment is not a problem, and losing the ID no longer requires replacement of the lock.

It is the Administrator of the TECHCODE RFID locker who decides to grant or deny access, add new identifiers and re-encode previously used identifiers.

S.2 System

It ensures all the functionalities of the S.1 System, while providing the cabinets with additional functions.



  • registers events (who opened which compartment and when),
  • allows you to create a database of users and assign them various characteristics, e.g. photograph, position,etc.
  • granting various privileges to the cabinet users, e.g. to temporarily open selected compartments, possibility of access a number of compartments,
  • management of the cabinet’s functions thanks to the software, after connecting to the LAN network,
  • possibility to encode several identifiers to one compartment,
  • keeps record of the hours worked,
  • activates alarm signal when the compartment is opened without authorisation,
  • signals an unlocked compartment door,
  • enables integration with the CRP systems used in the company,
  • other
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