Techcode rfid lockers for clean clothes

They are designed for companies and workplaces where workers are provided with workwear

Compartment Techcode RFID lockers for clean clothes are designed for companies and workplaces, where working clothes are distributed to the employees. This type of furniture is also addressed to rentals, which specialise in equipping production plants and service providers with PPE or working clothes. Discussed lockers are provided with RFID technology, thanks to which lockers can be opened using RFID access cards, instead of conventional keys. Each locker can contain up to 30 compartments having different sizes and being differently arranged.

To open the TECHCODE RFID cabinet, you can also use the identifiers currently used in the company, e.g. in plants with Time and Attendance Systems (TnA). TECHCODE RFID cabinets are an ideal solution for companies with an implemented HACCP system, which prohibits employees from bringing keys, e.g. to the production area, but allows them to bring RFID cards.

You can decide on the functions of the TECHCODE RFID cabinet by selecting the system that supports it. It can be configured to suit the client’s needs.

Configure the product

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