Techcode rfid lockers for dirty clothes

It is mostly used for storage of items that are meant to be re-used

Techcode RFID lockers for dirty clothes, also called Techcode RFID lockers with a drop box are used to store spent or used resources. Lockers are perfect for storing multiple use articles, working clothing, PPE, shoes, bed linen, towels and other textile products which are exchanged on a regular basis. Thanks to RFID technology implemented in the locker, information on items dropped in the locker, which are identified with RFID UHF tags, is automatically registered.

Configuration of the locker allows, that items can be dropped into it by any person (e.g. by employees), as there is no need to identify the user. However, only an authorised person can open the door and empty the locker.

The lockers are most popular in outsourcing sector, where PPE and working clothing are used e.g. in the production plants, restaurants or hotels.

Return of the tagged items is registered by the software implemented in the locker. Thanks to it, control over supplies and circulation of items stored in the locker (registration, control, takings) is improved. Our software can be integrated with systems used so far in the company (laundries, warehouses, etc.), so that supervision and optimising items’ circulation can be facilitated. Lockers enable the use of information on depleting resources, current number and types of products, which need to be exchanged into new ones, etc.. Such solution improves management of the resources and simplifies settlements between business partners.

The TECHCODE RFID locker for dirty clothes can be operated by S.3 System, technologically the most advanced system implemented in Techcode RFID cabinets. The main functions of S.3 System are:


– Physical control of the access to the resources stored in the locker, granted only to authorized users with a coded proximity identifier. The identifier may be in the form of a card, a key fob, etc. Identifiers supported by our readers include Unique 125kHz and Mifare 13.56 MHz. The identifiers currently used in the company may also be used. The Administrator of the Techcode RFID locker is the person responsible for coding of the identifiers, he decides to grant and revoke the access to the locker.


– Registration of all events (attempts to open the locker, emptying of the accumulated resources, the filling level of the locker with a specific resource) and the location of a given item (who, when and in what quantity collected the resources accumulated in the locker, etc.), possible thanks to tagging of the stored resources.
Stored resources are tagged with RFID tags. They may be in the form of stickers, patches or other special purpose tags, e.g. laundry tags, etc.Tags can be assigned a variety of information, including the name of the tagged product, expiry date, symbol, etc.


The S.3 system is operated using the IT System created by Techmark. It consists of an application installed in the Techcode RFID locker (operated by means of a touch screen) and a proprietary program called Zasobnik, with which the application connects via the network (Lan or WiFi).

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