Techcode rfid office-storage cabinet

Safe storage of files and records

TECHCODE RFID office-storage cabinet is perfect to be used, where valuable property or data need to be secured or where access to the aforementioned items and assets needs to be restricted only to authorised persons.


The possible versions of this product include office cabinets, office and clothes cabinets or workshop cabinets.


  • in medical facilities – storage of medicines, devices and medical apparatus
  • offices / agencies / archives – storage of IT equipment, classified documents, access control to sensitive data, etc.
  • in industry / construction – storage of tools and power tools along with the possibility of charging them

Furniture with antimicrobial coating

We offer cabinets covered with a special coating that provides effective and lasting protection against contamination. The applied technology prevents the development and spread of dangerous microorganisms.

TECHCODE RFID cabinets are designed to operate in various systems. It is the choice of the system that determines the functions of the cabinet, so that its functionalities can be properly adapted to the customer’s needs.


Systems in TECHCODE RFID office-storage cabinets:

S.1 System

The most basic system that enables access control with the use of encoded RFID proximity identifiers.


Access to the resources stored in the cabinet is granted only to authorized personnel who has an encoded proximity identifier in the form of a card, key fob, stickers, etc. To open the Techcode RFID cabinet you can also use the identifiers currently used in the company. Standardly supported identifiers include Unique 125kHz or Mifare 13,56 MHz.


The RFID technology allows for any number of RFID identifiers to be encoded for each cabinet, each identifier can be encoded / decoded multiple times. Frequent change of users of the compartment is not a problem, and losing the ID no longer requires replacement of the lock.It is the Administrator of the Techcode RFID locker who decides to grant or deny access, add new identifiers and re-encode previously used identifiers.



S.2 System

S.2 System ensures all the functionalities of the S.1 System, while providing the cabinets with additional functions. The System is operated with free software installed on any computer. The reader is provided with a USB adapter used to connect it to the computer in order to read stored data.


Examples of functionalities:

  • integrates the cabinet with CRP systems used in the company,

– registers up to 32.000 activities, i.e. activities performed by specific ID card numbers and times, when the cabinet was opened, etc.,

– registers events (who opened the cabinet and when),

– allows you to create a database of users and assign them various characteristics,

– other.
Advantages of using techcode rfid office-storage cabinet:

  • SECURITY – access to the contents of the cabinet is possible only with the use of a card programmed with a unique code,
  • AVAILABILITY – collecting and returning resources is possible at any time, 24 hours a day,
  • SELF-SERVICE – using the contents of the cabinet (collecting / returning resources) does not require any additional service (e.g. of the storeroom manager). The administrator can locally or remotely grant or revoke the authorisation of an employee to (temporarily) use a specific cabinet,
  • CONTROL – of people and property (thanks to the registration of each time a given employee opens the cabinet), which reduces the number of thefts and loss,
  • RELIABILITY – the use of the RFID system ensures the reliability of automatically collected data.
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